Porteño is taking reservations for groups of 2 – 10 guests.

We are excited to be able to take this first step towards returning to life-as-normal.

From 2nd June, Porteño will be able to accept up to 50 guests on 2 seating times at 6pm and 8.30pm and will be offering dining from Ben and Elvis’ new and exciting a la carte menu.  Current regulations restrict group sizes to a maximum of 10 people.

As space is still limited, we kindly requested credit card details to secure reservations.  Please note that cancellations within 48 hours or no-shows will be charged at $50 per reserved person.

NSW PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER requires all guests to provide their full name and phone number/email address on entry and people displaying signs of illness to be refused entry.
We respectfully ask that you and your guests comply with this order.

For reservations, please call 02 8399 1440, email enquiries@porteno.com.au  or book through OpenTables below.